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Why join Ladies of the Hat?

Do you love the idea of wearing any color hat and go out with all of your lady friends?
That is what LOTH is all about.
Any color hat!
Any color attire!
Loads of Fun

Do I want to wear black and bling?

Do you think that wearing all black attire and a black hat is dreary?  Oh noooooo!
It is elegant, it is so much more than that "little black dress"
It is mysterious!
It is flattering!
It is YOU looking fabulous!

What are the Kaleidoscopes?

Simply put, the Kaleidoscopes are ladies who love color!  Ladies who want to shout HERE I AM IN LIVING COLOR!

Starting a Sorority or Circle

The movement is happening all over the world.  From the United States, to the United Kingdom, to Australia, to Canada and Belgium.  From all corners of the world.  Ladies of the Hat is about being fun, fabulous and free to choose the color you wear, when you want and where you want.
It's about YOU, and your choice.  It's about you, no matter what your age.  

Why start a Black Hat Banshee Sorority?  Why start a Kaleidoscope Circle?   Ladies like to "belong".  We all like to be part of the "big picture".   If anyone asks you, (and they will), why you are wearing all of that gorgeous black and bling, or why you are wearing all of those gorgeous colors, you can proudly say you are a Registered Sorority or Circle of Ladies of the Hat!  

Be part of history.  It's happening right now.