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Fun, Fabulous and Free!  We are the Kaleidoscopes.  Our mission is to bring colorful hats back into the mainstream of fashion accessories for ladies.  Ladies of all ages are gathering at events, luncheons, dances, and fund-raisers dressed in the most brilliant colors you have ever seen.  Our mission -- to be the most colorful ladies on the planet.  Want to join in the fun?  

What is Kaleidoscopes? Kaleidoscopes is another fun way to get your group together for lunch, an event, a day or night on the town. Now I know you've done this before in some capacity, but the kick to Kaleidoscopes is that all ladies get to wear whatever color of the rainbow attire and hat they want! Imagine showing up at a restaurant wearing outrageous colors! How beautiful and elegant! And this is for anyone and everyone. Look at these gorgeous outfits! How can you not want to do this? Kaleidoscope Kick Off Day was August 22, 2009. Plan an event, make it happen, and watch the eyes of all those who will be admiring you. Wear green, orange, yellow, pink, white, or any color you want. 

To register either Kaleidoscopes or Black Hat Banshees,  click the JOIN button.  $25 annually to register your Kaleidoscope Circle.  If you also have a Black Hat Banshee sorority, you can register both and save money!